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Chinese tattoos are quite popular now. However, it isn't rare that people get misused or wrong tattoos. offer accurate free Chinese characters tattoos, Chinese tattoo advice and custom Chinese tattoo translations. If you are looking for English to Chinese name translations, please refer to Chinese Names.

Before you get a Chinese tattoo:
  • Always consult someone who takes Chinese as his or her mother language before you get a tattoo of Chinese characters.
  • Be aware! There are traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. A Chinese character often has a different form in traditional Chinese as in simplified Chinese.
  • Always remember that Chinese tattoo characters and Japanese Kanji tattoo characters are different. Sometimes they look quite similar while they mean quite differently.
  • Always try temporary tattoos if you are not 100% sure of the meaning of the Chinese characters you are going to wear on your body. So you don't have to look for tattoo removal service.
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